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Our Organization, She Forum Africa is a home-grown pan-Africa Women Development, Intergenerational Mentorship, Leadership & Lifestyle Organization. It is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization. At the heart of our Community’s focus is the burning need to promote healthy conversations and solutions that will help address persisting issues surrounding the health, safety, integrated development and economic advancement of our women and girls. We are passionate in our efforts to catalyse the conscious participation of women in democratic processes; deepening awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, promote entrepreneurship and women’s business initiatives in local communities as well as best practices in creating partnerships, financing new enterprises, and encouraging strategic involvement in leadership and governance.

Vision: To serve as an African-led initiative to effect sustainable shifts in our continent’s value systems as they impact women and girls across development and decision-making spheres.

Mission: To amplify personal development opportunities for African women and girls through strategic mentoring and life-long learning within a home-grown, African-led Initiative.


  1. To bring women together to identify persisting gender issues hindering the growth and stifling the productivity of women and girls in local communities.
  2. To provide women and girls with capacity building tools that will enable them achieve sustainable livelihoods.
  3. To advocate and create awareness on health issues that affect women’s and girls’ productivity especially among vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.
  4. To redefine & help articulate new and current gender priorities and map out contemporary strategies of addressing them.
  5. To cultivate a strengthened network of emerging voices for the effective representation of Women and girls’ issues across decision-making platforms.
  6. To partner with development institutions to create and expand opportunities for women-led innovations and STEM Education for Girls.
  7. To inspire, mentor, and expose more women and girls to entrepreneurship as we work towards achieving SDGs4All and their implications for livelihood sustainability.
  8. To showcase the achievement of women role models and foster a new generation of women in elective and appointive leadership positions towards achieving Planet 50-50 by 2030.

At She Forum Africa, we believe it is important for us to strengthen our shared value for a global society where everyone lives, works, and thrives in their chosen endeavour without the burdensome handicaps of perceived or real stereotypes. With Advocacy as our main tool and vehicle of engagement, the strategic idea behind our multi-sectoral inter-generational convenings remains to explore available windows of expression, particularly leveraging the social media to reach a wider audience of decision makers from relevant Public Sector Ministries, Departments and Agencies including donors and implementing partners to commit to development targets and beyond that, build synergy around various components that will accelerate the pace of achieving gender mainstreaming in Nigeria and across African countries.

She Forum Africa is in her 10th Year and we are humbled that our modest efforts in contributing to the growth and development of women and girls is increasingly attracting worthy organizations in partnership towards target development goals.

Leveraging the convening role that the United Nations SDGs provide, we are working tirelessly to mobilize old, converted and new partners round the table to refresh on pertinent issues, gain insight and re-priorities around new strategies towards transforming underlying legal frameworks, laws and government policies that perpetuate gender inequalities and promote policies supportive of the agency and rights of women, girls, and marginalized groups; including identifying opportunities to increase agency of women and girls for informed SRHR decision-making.

We are constantly updating our skills through various encounters and capacity building experiences to ensure we remain a credible, tested and preferred Partner for Organizations desirous of heightened impact in their respective spheres.

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