Dr. Jennifer K. Lynne

Member, Advisory Board, She Forum Africa

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Dr. Jennifer K. Lynne Member, Advisory Board, She Forum Africa
Dr. Jennifer K. Lynne
Member, Advisory Board, She Forum Africa

Jennifer K. Lynne is the founder and CEO of TheContactProject, a global social enterprise providing platforms for human capacity development. From local initiatives to international programming, TCP collaborates with people seeking sustainable relationships, social change, and global impact across sectors and around the world.

Dr. Lynne speaks widely on human adaptive capacity, identity, systems thinking and sustainable social development with contributions to the International Peace Research Association, the Human Dignity & Humiliation Studies consortium at Columbia University, the National Coalition of Dialogue & Deliberation, the Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution among others.

She has been honored as a Visiting Scholar at the Mind & Life Institute and served as the Professional Peacebuilding Practice Research Fellow at the Partnership for Sustainability and Peacebuilding at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In addition to her role at TheContactProject, she serves on the Global Advisory Board for the Chetanalaya Institute for Spirituality and Peace in Kathmandu, Nepal and as an advisor to Act4Accountability, a Washington D.C. based consortium working on Pan-African education and civic engagement.

Over the last two decades, her work and research have reached people from over forty countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Nepal, UK, and Pakistan. Jennifer is a philosopher, social theorist, and practitioner whose current work and research encompass human adaptive capacity and embodied systems, exploring the intersections of how we enact and embody identity, complexity, and adaptability. She developed the Engaged Identity® approach as a transdisciplinary practice for conceptualizing, cultivating, and enacting human adaptive capacity and transformative processes.

Jennifer studied Buddhist Philosophy and Peace Studies at Naropa University and
holds a Masters in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding from the Center for
Justice & Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, with specializations in
Organizational Leadership, Identity, and Trauma. She received her PhD in Peace
Studies from the University of New England, Australia.