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She Forum Africa 2017 will pay greater attention to strategic approaches to proffered solutions to issues. Consequently,

  1. At the end of She Forum Africa 2017, the Forum Agenda through the Panel discussions will galvanize a “Call To Action” on the need for the creation of a pan Africa Gender KPI Index that will serve as a guide and M&E tool for adoption by Governance systems, public/private sector organisations and other institutions towards implementation of targeted strategies, policies and commitments that will close the socio-economic gap for women with priority focus on grassroots and disadvantaged groups.
  2. This “Call to Action” featuring opinion, suggestions & resolutions reached at the Forum will be sent to Federal Executive Councils, Legislative Houses and circulated to other bodies across Africa and abroad for endorsement and encourage its implementation.
  3. All these will be re-directed into new issues-based public communications advocacy streams derived from a process of synthesization and prioritization of collated ideas, suggestions and solutions.