She Forum Africa is gradually and undoubtedly evolving into a treasured space as Africa’s gender event of the year. We are pulling the stops in engaging our extensive network to bring together leading women voices and civil society, encourage collective problem solving and also identify potential public and private partners in making the 2020 Forum a success.

With the enormous challenges introduced by COVID19 still fresh on our minds, and with women and girls holding the shorter end of the stick, there is no better time than now to drive and sustain the conversations that will help proffer much-needed solutions and coping mechanisms for our women and girls

This 2020 Forum being the 7th Year EDITION since the Forum was first convened in 2014, and being the FIRST VIRTUAL Edition as necessitated by COVID19 is convened under the theme “RECOVER BETTER: REFLECT, REFUEL, REFOCUS”. It represents the best moment to forge a partnership so we can grow and impact our world TOGETHER driven by our common vision in securing the much-promised brighter future for the African Woman! Africa cannot rest while her girls and women are not safe.

Our invitation therefore represents an opportunity to strengthen your existing efforts at supporting the growth and active participation of women in development processes in a sustainable way. We envisage She Forum Africa to birth a continent-wide movement that will reawaken public and institutional consciousness to the existing and persisting plight of women and girls especially as they relate to health, education, security and sustainable livelihoods. It is time for your organisation to leverage this unique opportunity to create lasting impact.

PARTNERSHIP or SPONSORSHIP INTEREST is welcome through the following pathways:

  1. The endorsement of SHE FORUM AFRICA Conference.
  2. 2. Financial Donation

To send us your confirmation of interest to sponsor or establish a partnership with us, please kindly reach us as follows:

Email – /

Phone – 08039594760

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